Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We took our lovies to the doc today and found out they had ear infections. Little Cricket has been very clingy and weepy and I assumed she was just practicing crying for fun, because there was no apparent reason for her to cry. I still comforted her of course, but just thought, wow. Back-to-back meltdowns are something I could do without.

The girls are great little communicators. They use words in German and English and ASL constantly. When the doc asked me to list their words I really tried, but the minute we left I thought of at least 20 more without even trying. It's not a test, of course. The proof is in the pudding. It is about them, not showing off for a doctor, but it is nice to know that my investment of time is paying off. I had to giggle at some of the questions like, "Does your child try to turn the pages of a book?" I thought, yeah, and they have been for the past 14 months. They have books in bed, in the car, and EVERYWHERE they look!

You know those electronic books with a stylus where the child can point to a picture or a word and the book tells the child what the word/picture is? Well, Peanut has never seen one of those books. Instead she grabs us by the finger and moves our finger to an object. WE are the electronic book. Most children can learn to read by about three or four by reading 20 minutes a day and focusing on words rather than pictures. My mom taught us all how to read when we were three. I remember chiding my brother because he couldn't write his name properly and was getting ready to start Kindergarten. Looking back, he could write his name, but the 'R' was backwards. "You can't go to school when you don't know how to write your name!" My sister exclaimed, and so we taught him how to write his name and made him practice it to perfection. Poor kid. I don't know how he survived his sisters.

At any rate, I don't intend to push my children harder than they are ready for. I love letting them go to the playground and seeing what they are ready to do. Peanut thrives on physical challenges. She just eats it up and feels good when she stretches beyond her previous achievements. Cricket is one who will not be pushed at all. She will do what she is comfortable with and will not concede no matter what. If she won't do something there is always a good reason for it. She is such a sweet and good girl. She is so obedient and very thoughtful. She is very constructive, and seems to find helpful things to do. She is also a very tender plant and requires extra TLC. She pays close attention and wants to do what's right. She has a strong compass and I try to listen to her needs like she listens to me. She also needs to feel how important she is as an individual and gets her feelings hurt if she feels slighted. We work very hard to keep things fair around here.

Peanut has so much energy and loves to help. She is a bit more mischievous, but not is a negative way. She just needs a bit more redirecting and a lot more supervision. She has incredible upper body strength and will hang from anything and everything. She wants to do everything by herself and will try to do things on her own if she doesn't get what she wants right away. She is very excited about the potty, so I am hoping that her enthusiasm will work to my advantage. Who knows, maybe we can get diaper-free by the end of the year! Peanut is very sweet also and very generous with kisses and hugs. She knows she is important and doesn't seem bothered when sister gets loves. She just wants to join in, which isn't always what Cricket wants. She has no envy or jealousy. She just knows she belongs and the world is hers to conquer.

I look at these girls and I hope so badly in my heart that they will find joy in this life and that they will always know how much I love each of them so deeply and purely. They are my sweet angels. I have little moments with them that no camera will ever capture, and that no words can rebuild for future eyes to recreate. I make sure I smile at them every day, every minute possible. I look them in the eyes, and even when they throw applesauce all over the place, I am patient. I still let love shine through flavored with disappointment rather than anger.

I also seek for opportunities to help Cricket know she is valuable all by herself. Tonight I was writing a list and pulled her out of bed to help her hyper sister settle down. She gently took the pen from my hand and drew all over my list with her little baby hands. I smiled and watched her as she said many words to me but spoke softly and thoughtfully as she drew. Her pen wandered to the bed sheets and I gently explained that we should write on the paper instead of the sheets. She pointed to the sheets and said, "Uh-oh." I just held my sweet little girl with her gorgeous curly locks and thought how rich these moments are with my daughters. They are my priceless little treasures.

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