Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Saturday Night Show

After a lovely dinner at B and B's house (Pizzas on the grill - awesome, almost as good as the company!) we were walking home and C picked me up and slung me over his shoulder, then started running with me. I was laughing and telling him I was going to lose my dinner, so he put me down. Suddenly there was shouting and applause. Ja- and Cr- were having a dinner at their house with Ja-'s book club and they were watching us. :o Cr- shot an infomercial earlier that day with our movie-producer neighbor - the JAW horse. Maybe you'll see us in the background building our retaining wall for the flowerbed. C did an amazing job making it look awesome. :)

Introducing: Kawi

So I think we have decided on a name for our 2 month-old bird. We were looking at bird names online the other night and I mentioned that Harley was listed. C came in and said, "How about Kawi - you know, for Kawasaki?"

Friday night I ran to Ace to buy chains and hose to hang a hammock Dad gave me a couple of years ago. The chains rate over 500 lbs, but unfortunately the hammock rates at 350. I think we pushed the limit between the two of us plus that heavy Kawi, but got two lovely, relaxing evenings in our back tree under one of our 9 apple trees before some of the ropes pulled out of the binding. Our unsuccessful, late-night hunt for a replacement led us to believe that we were not the only ones enjoying the summertime back yard.

Kawi has made a hit with our neighbors' kids. Today Br & Be, and daughters Ka- and Ma- came over for lunch. Br was especially enamoured with Kawi - an obvious bird-lover. He has a big heart. Ka- became quite the bird-handler tonight also.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Rocket Ship" Park

Tonight we rode on C's bike to the "Rocketship Park" and watched the sun set. It was dark so we rode right down to the "Rocketship" and took the big yellow - watch out for that right turn, it comes out of nowhere. C hung our new wooden blinds, so when I left for a while, I came home to a nice surprise! And I had a surprise for C - a cockatiel! Fortunately he was very understanding and extended a finger of friendship right away to our new found friend - a finger for a perch, not a gesture, that is. The bird didn't like going into his cage, but was much more interested in watching TV with us, and perched on C's toe.

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