Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 25 Vacay Highlights

Our Trip to Washington and BC was amazing - we did so much it is hard to touch on it all. We laughed a lot and just had a good time together - In addition to the top 25 below, I thought I would throw in a few additional items of interest: Our bagpiper in Victoria - what a great city - if you stay downtown, you can just spend the day strolling around the bay and little shops. There is so much to do. The salmon locks where C used to go as a child were especially fun with the Japanese tourists whose kids were the only English speakers of the bunch. As we walked by, C exclaimed, "Those SHARKS were amazing! I wonder how they got in the locks?" The kid's eyes grew big amd she excitedly tugged the family along, chattering wildly. The EMP (experience music project) would be so much fun to take kids to - these little tots were right at home operating the embedded iPods in the Jimmy Hendrix room.
This next pic we titled, McFail, as in, McFailed to litter my McBreakfast bag by getting it caught in the McDoor of my car. It's a wonder anyone still purchases fast food considering the new law in Seattle to post the calories of each food item. Well, it didn't stop us. We ordered a four piece with fries and chowder from Ivars, but instead of sharing the fries with the seagulls, C opted to give them saltines, much to their disappointment. I never knew seagulls came in triple XL.
Finally, we all see those big fancy cars parked there just to make us jealous, but someone took their envy to the next step and slashed all four tires of this Hummer. Bummer. Ah, the sites of Seattle. Well, on to the top 25 - feel free to click on the pics for a bigger and better view, then click the back arrow to continue the countdown:
25. The woman who drove over a . . . Tree???

24. Two visits to the Seattle Space Needle. Once to the lower viewing spot, and once all the way to the top! :) Inside joke. . .

23. Visiting C's fave displays at the Seattle Aquarium . . .

22. A delightful visit to the Woodland Zoo.

21. Exchanging our airline seats home a flight 4 hours later, and for two $600.00 travel vouchers! Woo, hoo!

20. "A" riding the pendulum bike at the science center, and C trying to outrun the kiddies on the water wheel! Finding a place where C could feel like a kid again. . . Oh, and the butterfly garden, even if just for a few minutes . . .

19. Catching the Gingerbread man at Sluys bakery in Poulsbo -

along with Troll cookies, macaroons, and many other tasty - er, ultra sweet treats.

18. Acting as almost eye-witnesses to a freeway suicide - or, a murder - or a kidnapping . . .???
17. Watching a Banana Slug dine on a mouse! EEW! CAN'T - - LOOK - - AWAY!

16. Watching C put down his first oysters on the half-shell. Way to go, babe!

15. Dave's having a boy!

14. Hot tubbing.

13. C pretend puking on the Argosy ship tour while a woman looked on in disgust. (Guess you had to be there . . . )

12. Visiting Steamer's Ice Cream corner so many times to purchase a double scoop Huckleberry and mint-chip Colossal Waffle Cones that the waiter asked, "aren't you going to order ice cream? You always order ice cream," when I finally ordered an open-face blackened salmon sandwich. On my last cone of the trip, I asked, "Can you do half-scoops?" in an attempt to get fewer calories with both flavors, to which the waiter replied, "For you, anything....." and served up a full double scoop at the single scoop price.

11. Purchasing "Smoked Salmon!" at the world famous Pike Place Fish Market, and gigantic dinner-plate-sized apple fritters.

10. Awesome 2-for-1 fish 'n chips and Stilton-wild-boar-bacon-Bison burgers, and the atmosphere at the Bard and Banker Scottish pub.

9. Saying hello to Brigham Young and that lady with the big crown at the Victoria wax museum.

8. Visiting the Butchart gardens in the rain (during the day) - while "A" studied and photographed each flower like it was a Louvre masterpiece.

7. Visiting the Admiralty Point lighthouse where we had our first kiss. . . and getting a few more.

6. Watching the Tamba Bay Rays play the Mariners with J&J while eating peanuts and kettle corn. (and later watching Griffey hit the only scoring run of the fourteen-inning game White Sox/Mariners game!)

5. Our eclectic evening at the Green Cat B&B followed by a delectable and nutritious breakfast.

4. The Jim Henson exhibit at the Science Fiction Museum - I would add pics, but they weren't allowed. What an amazing man who has touched so many lives!

3. A divine seafood feast at the Waterfront restaurant followed by an evening skyline view.

2. Our stay at the secluded rustic cabin in the forest, complete with outdoor jacuzzi tub and indoor flushing "Outhouse."

1. A secluded romantic late night stroll through Butchart Gardens - and making out in the sunken garden . . . Take a brief photo tour of Butchart from our trip!

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