Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Sprig of Spring in December (or Stained Glass part II)

Welcome to my virtual tour of the Butchart Gardens. We visited this past summer, and I pre-grouped C with this statement: I have always wanted to see these gardens. I know you will be bored to tears, but this means a lot to me. If you get bored, you can go sit in the car (he had some homework to do - this was not a punishment, just a suggestion:).
How's that for being a loving wifey? Well, despite my low expectations for his interest in this very important pilgrimage, when all was said and done, he told me that this was his favorite part of the trip. To his credit, he made this experience even better than I could have imagined! He kindly encouraged me to take my time while I carefully strolled through the gardens during the day, and he even encouraged me to go back that evening! I thought I would share a few (yes, there were more) of my better shots from the garden. This is a reverse tour because I don't feel like rearranging the pics. Sorry about the sub-standard evening shots. I was melting in C's arms most of the time and taking it all in instead of taking photographs. The daytime pics, however, turned out quite magnificently!

I love popping these blossoms! They sound like cranberries cooking.

Indoor garden at night:

Italian Gardens at night:

Pond next to the parking lot:

Indoor garden:
Italian Gardens:

Entrance to the Italian gardens - see photos above.

I have this thing for stairs. . . down into the Japanese gardens.

I have some of this in my yard.
Out of focus shot, but I still like the composition. Check out those Japanese maples!

Deer-chaser fountain.

This was Annoying New York lady. We were running ahead to take pics that she kept interrupting. Great shot nonetheless.

Zen, baby.

Did I mention I have a thing for stairs? That's New York Lady again, upper right.

The Sturgeon Fountain.

Now entering (exiting) the Rose Garden. I am not passionate about roses, however, I really loved the setting.

No more roses. . .

This arrangement was atop a garbage can:

That archway leads into the rose garden.

Bark in its magnificence!

Dahlias, dressed for the show!

I never see Hydrangeas without thinking of my Grandmother.

A couple of great shots with my macro lens:

Redwood trees never fail to amaze.

I love these meandering paths:

A little hidden shot of the garden borders on the far side of the totem pole.

My favorite garden: The Sunken Garden.

My sweetheart in the rain!

Entrance to the Sunken Gardens - careful, there is a topiary tiger on the left!

I hope you enjoyed! Some neighbors visited the week before we did and said it was hot and crowded. We felt so lucky to get so many great shots without visitors in the way (exception: Annoying New York Lady), and the rain wound up diffusing the light just right, and popping the colors on these gorgeous plants! So what's with the stained glass? Well, with all of this beauty, and even the work of man here, the real rights to beauty belong to He who made these beautiful creations! What an amazing artist God is!

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