Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peace on Earth

We often are asked why we like to come up here. We have a beautiful, comfortable home, why get away? It's hard to explain. You wake up and all around are little cries for your time: laundry, untidy rooms, unswept floors, bills peeking out from the caddy . . . but here is what we find instead:

And then we are asked, what do you DO up there? We really don't do anything. Sometimes we go snowmobiling, but the last couple of years we haven't. We just spend time together. We watch a movie, cuddle in front of the fireplace, and act like a happy married couple should.
While I woke up early to catch some sun on snow, C enjoyed the last traces of his evening NyQuil, delivered via room-service.

Yesterday I watched the Nativity while working out to help get into the Christmas spirit. It being Christmas morning, let me share a little bit of it with you!

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