Monday, December 7, 2009

Stained Glass

Before we moved into our home, I decided to build a stained glass window. My beloved C, I will admit, was bonifiably skeptical, which only served to strengthen my resolve. When I took it in to have it glazed, I proudly offered my four-foot masterpiece to Jens, a man who builds stained glass windows for some of the most spectacular structures in the world, including temples. "This is my FIRST stained glass window!" I declared.

He looked at it with an aire of dissatisfaction, and without masking his thoughts in kindness, simply stated, "Mmmmm. I sought so." Riddled with errors, I was so tired of going to the Library every day with bandaids on every finger since they were so julienned by the sharp edges of the glass. With all of its imperfections, I finally installed it earlier this year. Rather than repost the picture, you may view it in an earlier post, but instead, I wanted to add some real stained glass masterpieces, residence: Vancouver Island.

So while I did not build a great masterpiece like these, I can certainly appreciate the amazing work that went into them. The burns from the hot solder, the cuts from the glass, the very likely lead poisoning, the painstaking cutting, the puttying and polishing, the measuring, and re-measuring. Just click on one of these fabulous pictures and let that beauty take your breath away. To take the grace and beauty of a stained glass window, even one as simple and flawed as mine, and assume that such magesty could be created by happen-stance, is simply impossible to comprehend. To give credit to the glass and praise it for concocting such splendid patterns without thought of its creator, is veritably inconceivable.

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