Friday, December 26, 2008

Your Husband is a Hero

On the way back from our holiday retreat we cheerfully drove along slushy, but sun lit canyon roads in our little compact. We had just polished off the best onion rings and grilled chicken sandwich ever, followed by tasty melon gelato. Kawi was cheerfully singing on C's shoulder while C pointed out all of the places travelers had decided to take a closer look at the snowbanks, when we turned the corner to see a truck facing our way. It was four-wheel drive, but the elderly couple driving were so lodged in the bank that both tires on the left side and both axles were nearly buried in snow. We had nothing to help them, but after we stopped, another man came, directing traffic to slow and move aside on the narrow canyon road. The three cars drew the attention of a jacked up truck from California, who offered to pull the truck out, followed by an officer, and another two vehicles, offering to help. It was a team effort, and took almost 30 minutes of digging, broken pulls and a broken chain, with C guiding the process to keep the group working together. The half-buried truck finally freed, one man walked past me and said, "Your husband is a hero." Yeah! I said under my breath, a superhero!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! The birth of Jesus Christ is truly a miraculous event, an event which the entire world benefits. We are so blessed to worship according to our free will and faith. This blog entry, is also a miraculous event. That's because it's me, C! However, my little electronic scribble is nothing like the birth of the's very unlikely to change the world.

But wait, on the other hand, whom the entry is about just may... A and I are very lucky to celebrate Christmas at a special little retreat up in mountains. We're practically snowed in today with the forecasted snow storm arriving last night, a few hours behind schedule, but with none the less intensity to say the least. There's not really a whole bunch for us to do all day but eat treats, talk, play games, snuggle, oh...and did I mention eat?

We saved some of the edible gifts that were given to us this past week and took them with us on our Christmas retreat. The hardest thing that needs to be done today is run the warm water for a bath. Oh, how will we ever manage? We started off this morning by reading the scriptures, and then watching the video produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, titled, "Luke 2." We then shared some gifts while we watch "A Christmas Story" on T.V..

A is taking a nap and I'm tucked away in a quiet corner to write this note. Now back to what I was getting at a few minutes ago...The other day I noticed on MSN an article titled, "2008 Most Influential Women," and said to myself, "OK, I give" and I opened the article. I would never say that the women mentioned in the read were not influential in 2008, or in any way say anything that would take away from their influence and accomplishments.

But I just couldn't agree with the article. Maybe somehow these women have influenced my life in some way, possibly indirectly by making the world a little different or better. But I just couldn't connect the dots leading to how they have influenced myself. But then, the article wasn't titled, "the 2008 most influential women in life of C." After reading the article, I couldn't help but think of my beautiful, intelligent, and faithful wife of 10 years. She has done so much for me in my life. She may not realize this, but I learn so much from her.

Her spiritual strength is amazing, her willingness to serve others unselfishly is astounding, and her constant pursuit of learning is inspiring. And to top it all off, she's just a down right fun buddy! If you know her, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know her, I highly recommend getting to know her. She's a great friend. Just don't take too much of her time away from me please.

What I have been able to do in my life over the past 10 years has only been possible because of her....actually, it would be much better framed by saying, all that we have accomplished. I doubt many men in the world can say this, but I have never once questioned my wife's love, commitment or intentions. Even when she "encourages" me to drive a little slower, or "suggests" a different outfit, or "offers" me a different word to use in my vocabulary...she's only doing it out of love.

Can you say that about your spouse? I have never sensed an ill feeling from her toward me....ever! I'm just so lucky to have her as a companion. As I said before, this blog entry may not change the world as the Savior has, but my wonderful wife just may...she's already changed mine! She's truly the best Christmas gift I received today!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Eep. Eep.

Kawi has discovered that touching buttons often results in a beeping noise, so in anticipation, he beeps ahead of time. This includes any time we get near the microwave, the oven, the dryer (which, by the way, does not beep), cell phones, or the water and ice dispenser on the fridge. Occasionally he will visit the grocery store with us, and I am sure you can imagine what happens at check-out time.

Recently we visited Costco, where a man and his daughter doted over him. Kawi hopped right onto the man's shoulder and friendlied up to the man. He said he was considering getting a bird, but now he wanted one. As he walked away, he said, "Thank you. Thank you so much." Kawi, in response replied, "Oh, Thank you!"

Just four more work days until Christmas break. I am looking forward to a change of scenery and a break from early rushed mornings and afternoon rush hour traffic. Two days, a weekend, two more days, and a holiday break. It can't get here soon enough. I feel like the High School kid breathing in the spring air, drifting in through an open window in Math class. Just a few more. Just a few more. . .

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mobi Post

This is my very first Mobi blog post. There is always that lovely commute home with which to fill a little programming time, but today I thought blogging sounded a little more inviting. Technology is amazing.

Rather than ending the year with extra financial and mid-section baggage, we are doing just the opposite. Last night I paid off the credit card, and we decided that next year we will finish paying off the car.

Paying down debt is sort of addicting, really. It is even better than the rush of buying something new, which by the way is a pretty good rush! Now if I can keep the monthly grocery bill under what I have spent the last two months, I think we just may wind up in pretty good shape!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You are NOT going to that Funeral!

Well, it is a rare thing for A to put her foot down, but when she does, she will not be budged. Following a delightful Thanksgiving, both picturesque and tasty, somehow A caught the stomach flu.

The original plan for the Saturday following Thanksgiving looked something like this:
* In the morning, travel up the canyon to go Christmas Tree hunting
* Travel north to attend a good friend's family funeral
* Join B&B at a musical theater performance of "Into the Woods," followed by dinner

The weather report on Friday morning looked a bit snowy by Saturday, so we shifted gears and cut the tree Friday morning, and it was a good thing. By Friday evening, A was sleeping on the bathroom floor to avoid the 20 foot journey back and forth to bed. C, who decided to sip A's ginger ale found himself in a similar predicament by Saturday afternoon. It went something like this:
C: I am going to the funeral.
A: Are you sure you feel up to it?
C: {Silence}
A: Are you feeling okay?
C: {Sick in the bathroom}
A: You are NOT going to that funeral!
C: Yes I am!
A: I rarely put my foot down, but this time I am. You are not going!
C: You can't make me!
A: Yes I can!!!!

Needless to say, A won . . . this time.

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