Friday, December 26, 2008

Your Husband is a Hero

On the way back from our holiday retreat we cheerfully drove along slushy, but sun lit canyon roads in our little compact. We had just polished off the best onion rings and grilled chicken sandwich ever, followed by tasty melon gelato. Kawi was cheerfully singing on C's shoulder while C pointed out all of the places travelers had decided to take a closer look at the snowbanks, when we turned the corner to see a truck facing our way. It was four-wheel drive, but the elderly couple driving were so lodged in the bank that both tires on the left side and both axles were nearly buried in snow. We had nothing to help them, but after we stopped, another man came, directing traffic to slow and move aside on the narrow canyon road. The three cars drew the attention of a jacked up truck from California, who offered to pull the truck out, followed by an officer, and another two vehicles, offering to help. It was a team effort, and took almost 30 minutes of digging, broken pulls and a broken chain, with C guiding the process to keep the group working together. The half-buried truck finally freed, one man walked past me and said, "Your husband is a hero." Yeah! I said under my breath, a superhero!

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