Saturday, July 20, 2013

Potty training

Today I thought I would attempt potty training. Two babies, two potties, a fail-proof plan... Both girls commando with 15 minute playtimes followed by potty breaks. I even gave them each an iPod to watch UP! while they sat. It wasn't easy watching them like a hawk. I knew if I looked away for even an instant they would poop behind my back. I was vigilant. Within the first few minutes, Peanut peed on the cool air vent. I should have known she wasn't just "airing things out." No big deal, right?

During one of our potty times, Cricket stood up, walked over to the bath mat and peed on it. Okay, okay, still not going so well, but at least we were staying away from pooping, right? As we were headed to the potty on one occasion, Cricket started to grunt. I quickly hurried her down the hall toward the potty (dropping a rabbit pellet along the way) and there she sat... and sat... and sat... with no more pellets.

We had one more session, and the girls were tired and hungry. We ate, sat again, and then went down to the front room before it was going to be nap time. There was a distinct smell in the air, the smell I kept expecting in the bathroom, but that never happened. I turned to see a small pile of hard droppings sitting on the air vent. How and when they arrived there, I was not sure, but when I calmly but firmly explained that we poop in the potty, not on the floor, Cricket got upset.

When I came back down with diapers in hand, Peanut fessed up and sobbed her confession (without any real words, mind you). She felt so bad. I comforted her and said it was okay, wondering if I had scarred her for life and if she would be afraid of the potty from here on out. Hmmm. Well, that sums up my epic failure on the potty frontier. Don't know how it goes for everyone else, but maybe my failure will make someone else feel a little better if things aren't going so well.

I am so motivated to potty train and Peanut is very ready. I hoped that Cricket, although not quite ready, would just go with the flow since I have heard it is easier to train both at the same time, but I am really starting to question that concept. One person trying to keep an eye on two busy little bums is NOT an easy task! We may wind up with three babies in diapers after all! SIGH. Junior is due right after the girls turn two, so we will have three children two and under.

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