Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As You Wish. . .

Little did I know that my last blog entry would send C on a quest, and that he would not stop until he had accomplished his desired goal. I now present you with the fruits of his labors:

What an amazing guy!!! Of course, I had to try it out right away, so I jammed out to the Biggest Loser version of Kung-Fu Fighting while studying Assembly, AND burning calories to boot! It's the best book rack ever!

This morning I woke up early and it was snowing. I woke up a little later and it was still snowing. I pulled up the weather on my iPhone and it was still snowing. I pulled up and it was snowing until 8 PM! C was kind enough to take the day off with me. What do we do on a day off? While C shoveled the driveway, I packed up my YuDu and returned it to the store, we both got haircuts, C dropped a check off at the Boy Scout office for the Bishopric, we purchased bathroom and kitchen faucets, and we ate lunch at the Olive Garden where I saw this really cute lady:

I tried to be subtle, but C didn't help matters much by stating the obvious, "Right, a flash. She won't notice THAT!" I played it off like I was trying to take a photograph of the wine cabinet. She is so lovely. Don't you agree? I just hope she didn't order spaghetti with marinara . . .

What else? I finally found my hair glue! It's the only de-frizzing, pomade-like hair product that I can use without burning my skin like acid. And speaking of burning myself with acid, I did that, too. CLR to be exact. Once we arrived home, I tore into the kitchen sink while C secretly constructed my bike rack. In an attempt to clean off some of the calcium build-up, I employed CLR, and the next thing I knew, there it was, on my arm. CLR is not a recommended skin agent, I assure you.

C proudly showed up in the kitchen while I was in the middle of constructing the faucet, and invited me downstairs to see his masterpiece. I admit, I was pleasantly surprised, and very impressed with his ingenuity and inventing skills! After making my day with that little surprise, he even climbed under the sink to help me finish installing the faucet. How did I find such a great guy, you ask? Well, that is another story for another day.

Did I mention the doughnuts? Ah, yes, there were many, MANY doughnuts; anywhere there was a pristine parking lot . . . Sorry, no pictures of the incriminating evidence. Instead, let me leave you with this:

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