Friday, October 2, 2009

Solo Day 2 - Rain vs. VFFs

Yesterday I walked down to Pikes Place in my New Balance running shoes. By the time I arrived back that night, my plantar fasciitis had flared up and this morning when I woke, my foot was very sore. Today I donned my Vibrum Five Fingers and strolled down to the waterfront piers in the rain, this trip was much farther away, but how can you visit Seattle without getting huckleberry ice cream and Ivars chowder?

I must admit I received many unusual looks, but at the end of the day my foot was pain free, although cold and damp. I can't say I recommend puddle jumping in VFFs in October. While the bottoms of these shoes are waterproof, the tops are not. Also, in just the right terrain they don't have the same traction as Asics or New Balance when wet. I had to mind my feet much more than with other shoes, and without socks, they got colder faster. Still, chilled toes were quickly warm once I returned to the hotel, more than I can say for yesterday's pain. Ironically, less shoe is better, at least in this case.

I did catch my prize cone and a few other treats, including blackened salmon and Ivars clams before heading back, and have been programming since I returned.


  1. Mmmm yum! I am hungry and all I read was blackened salmon and ice cream :p

  2. Totally - You have to see my August vacation entry to know where all of the good stuff is if you ever come to Seattle. There's nothing like huckleberry icecream and wafflecones from Steamers.


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