Friday, October 9, 2009

Lunges and Lacerated Laptops

Strange as it may sound, I have really missed doing lunges. When I was injured I was doing lunges every day. Unfortunately, I think it might have been a crossover lunge with a hammer curl that did the original damage to my foot, so I have avoided them since mid-August. Nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder.

Tonight while exercising, I thought, maybe it was doing lunges in my super high-tech, ultra structured shoes that did the damage. When I tried to do lunges in bare feet, it was wonderful, and I didn't experience the same strain I did before. Speaking of bare feet, a fellow blogger, 400 Watts recently mentioned that a new line of minimalist shoes by a company named Skora is coming out in 2010. Not to mention that they look a little more normal, but will work much better for a friend of mine who's feet won't work with VFFs.

Last night, as I sat down on my big comfy "chair" to program, I fired up my computer and got the "No hard drive located" message. Of course, your mind quickly thinks, no. Impossible. It's only a year old. Restart. NO! RESTART! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! And then, in the distance, amidst the faint hum of organ music, you hear the words, "Beloved, we are gathered here today to bid farewell to the hard drive of A's computer, which died in it's prime, full of many valuable documents."

While I am fiercely adamant about regularly backing up my home laptop, which has crashed twice in the past three years, I have failed to back up my work computer for over a year. Fortunately, my biggest loss was my OneNote work notebook which I THINK I have backed up somewhere. I have most of my critical files saved in my e-mail cabinet. Lucky me, I had just sent off my major programming assignments THE NIGHT BEFORE my hard drive crashed. Hallelujah!

Well, here's to another long weekend of programming. Two weeks to the drop dead date. I went to the wedding reception tonight of a good friend - a HUGE sacrifice for me right now. I am very anti-social lately with my time being consumed by school. I think I may have lost some of my friends, but hey, maybe in three years I'll get them back. I made hors d'ouvres for the party - whipped Alta Dena cream cheese with a fresh mint leaf and fresh strawberry slice atop a whole wheat cracker; Sweet Vidalia Onion relish and whipped Alta Dena atop a bland water cracker (to make the flavor pop); and a tiny meatball kabob: a pineapple tidbit, followed by 1/3 slice of a chicken-pineapple meatball, another pineapple tidbit, standing atop a small square of smoked gouda.

They were on the healthy side, and looked pretty (sorry, forgot to take pics). My friend had a great time with her new hubby, and although I gave her a gift, she will never know that the greatest gift I gave tonight was my time.

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