Monday, October 19, 2009

The Little Rat that Could

Sunday night I finally mailed off my 2nd assignment for my CS class that ends on Thursday, and as a sort of reward to myself (aside from skipping around the kitchen island to get all of the flat places normalized from sitting all day), I glanced at some of the noteworthy blogs.

Sometimes the noteworthy blogs are really noteworthy, and sometimes they really aren't. The Sunday noteworthy was truly noteworthy. How do you explain noteworthy, when here is a young Idaho woman who writes about McDonalds ice cream cones and walking the dog, and makes it sound so inviting and magical? Really, I dare say that my first impulse was to think this life was overly simple, but after three minutes I was hooked!

I think the appeal for me was the sparkle in her words, and beautiful simplicity of her life. I say simplicity not as an insult, but rather as a longing for a more simple time in my own life. There was no biting sarcasm, or bleak perspective on life, rather it was like a hazelnut milk steamer: warm, frothy, rich, and welcoming (and the ones I get come in a sparkly white cups). I think that same simplicity ran over into her cooking blog also, which, much like me, is the essence of good food without the madness of measuring or precision - for the most part.

At work today, a fellow manager and I discussed a new website/product we are developing in a "we-are-smarter-than-me" brainstorming session. He asked me what would set us apart with this new tool. I told him about Nat The Fat Rat, and replied, we need sparkle in the simple things, like when you go to Disneyland, and everyone helps create this magical place. We need a magical place for our users to come that is simple, inviting, and - - - that sparkles! Thanks, Nat, for sharing the magic!

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