Saturday, October 3, 2009

Solo Day 3 - Morning Market Raid

I reached for my laptop the moment my mind was awake, and started studying. A few hours later, I took a bus to Pike's Place Market to add a couple more items to my take-homes: alder and pepper smoked salmon, plumcots, chanterelle mushrooms, and a giant apple fritter for my sweetheart. The fritter, shown here, is fully the size of a dinnerplate. I also picked up some honeycomb and Turkish Delight as a treat for myself, and an enormous mango for tomorrow's breakfast.

After I exhausted my interests in the market, I strolled along some of the clothing shops on 1st Avenue. One of the shopkeepers recommended a Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Stewart and 2nd Ave, Long Provincial Restaurant. I was certainly not disappointed with the fare, served with flavor and flare. Shown here, my order of savory chicken satay and flavorful turmeric fish rolls totalled just over ten dollars and was more food than I could eat. I'll enjoy the rest for dinner tonight.

General Conference has been delightful today. Five new temples were announced this morning, in Florida, Japan, Utah, and two other locations I don't immediately recall. Elder Oaks' talk on parenting with love while upholding God's standards was bold and amazing. I am sure many parents grieve over the balance between loving their children while holding them accountable, and he provided a great sermon on this particularly challenging dilemma. Elder Scott taught boldly on avoiding pornography, something especially destructive to families and relationships today.

Well, I have had enough of a break from my studies, so back to work. Tomorrow I return home!

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  1. Chile and Brazil are the other two temples.

    4 hours and counting for the 2 pound fritter.....bring it home to papa! :)


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