Sunday, October 25, 2009


Family status not included, here are some of the things I long to do:
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro to see the amazing alien-like plant life that lives there.

  • Learn Armenian (and Turkish). I know how to read some, but I want to speak it because:

  • I want to live in Armenia long enough to finish my book/trilogy on Armenia.

  • Complete my graduate CS degree.

  • Learn a level of fluency in Polish because I want to . . .

  • Visit Gnesen/Gniezno, where my ancestors once lived.

  • Get to the point where I am comfortable speaking Hebrew. I read it, and can pronounce it.

  • Strengthen my conversational Castillian and New World Spanish to a level of fluency because my world is filling up with Spanish.

  • Work on a few more languages on my do-do list . . .

  • Publish books that will make a difference in the world, like the one I started on racism.

  • Do silent good works throughout the world, without anyone knowing. There is a piece of magic behind anonymity in good works that becomes drab and glisterless when it is painted on a newspaper or TV screen. (See, this is what I mean about creating your own words. You know exactly what I mean when I use the word, but it may not appear in the dictionary - - - yet! Use it, and see where it takes you! Dictionaries, it turns out, only contain those words which are used in everyday language. Too often people think that if it isn't in the dictionary, it is off limits. Well, I prefer to push the envelope on that concept. When snicker-snack was first used in the the Jabberwocky, it didn't appear in a dictionary either. We all know what it means now.)

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