Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get Depressed: Remove physical activity from your life!

I am not a regular follower of Dr. Laura, but I like her savvy, wit, and family values. A few days ago I turned on the radio, and instead of listening to the audio edition of the Economist, I listened as Dr. Laura told a young fellow to get out and exercise. He was depressed, and she explained that when people get depressed they stop moving. I thought about this and figure it runs the opposite direction as well: removing physical activity from your life increases your chances of getting depressed. No, I am not depressed, but this was yet another example to me of the unbounded benefits of exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I went to the gym this morning in hopes that Tyran was teaching yoga. As I peeked through the glass, the other instructor popped her head through the door and hailed me in. Against my better judgment, I succumbed to her pressure, and after 20 minutes of stretch-til-you-hurt-yourself class, I steeled myself against the possibility of hurting her feelings, and walked out. Aerobics instructors do not yoga instructors make. Creative license with yoga moves by the inexperienced is not a good combination for this holistic art. I bicycled while reading Gottman instead.

We picked our apples yesterday. I say "we," but I was studying, instead of picking. We yielded about 10 boxes full from seven of our nine trees. Two of the trees were sparse this year, the baby Braeburn only yielded one apple, and we didn't get to the last tree yet.

Part of the harvest is shown here. Despite the fact that we didn't spray, we gathered more good apples than I expected. I sent out an e-mail yesterday at about 1:00 PM to my fellow employees, and received two requests for boxes, and one request for a bag within about 20 minutes. It looks like I am not the only workaholic in the bunch.

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  1. Unfortunately I've had no choice but to remove physical activity the last few days...and I AM a little depressed.

    Sickness, be gone!


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