Friday, October 16, 2009

A Few Tidbits of Knowledge

A few things I have had the privilege of learning over the past week include:

  • Glucerna doesn't make you sicker when you have the stomach flu

  • Tiny little cockatiels still need a nap even after 12 hours of sleep

  • There is a GOOD way to deal with the war against religious freedoms

  • Responding to emotions in the right way can make or break a relationship

  • Vocabulary-deficient individuals are under the delusion that improvising with four letter words actually makes them sound smarter (no, this wasn't learned in association with the previous learning. . . )

  • Don't go to a salon when you don't feel well - you won't leave feeling better.

  • Programming is really the art of writing a novel in terms of verbs and nouns interacting with well-defined characters

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