Friday, October 16, 2009


After three days at home, I am really starting to feel - well, really lonely. I was supposed to go to a Computer Science social tonight (I know, sounds thrilling, right?) but my sick stomach really did a number on me today. I hated dropping out tonight, but had no other choice.

The sad part is that I don't really have time to socialize for another week - I have my class deadline on the 22nd, and on the 23rd I have to finish a syllabus for a conference in January. Blast. I never should have agreed to that. I started saying no to conference requests over a year ago and I am still dealing with the aftermath!

I was so wiped out today that I fell into one of those coma-sleep-zones around 2, and woke a couple of hours later. I was so disoriented I couldn't figure out what day it was for a moment. After pounding several packets of probiotics and feeding the bacteria with a nice sugary lemon bar, I actually started feeling better! I am sure the nap didn't hurt much either. This bug must have wiped out the good bacteria in my system. I hope I feel good enough to go to Yoga tomorrow, but we will see.

Well, despite my less-than-healthy condition, and my gnawing loneliness, I made good progress on my class today. I finally nailed some of the problems I got hung up on with constructors, although I think there is something wrong with my IDE (developer environment - er, in plain English, the thing in which I write code). It has given me problems with creating and linking classes and header files. Nevertheless, I managed to pound out four programs and several functions today. If I can get at least 5-6 done tomorrow, I might have some hope of finishing this class on time!

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