Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October in all its Glory

This past weekend I ventured outside for one of the last hammock days of the year. Most of the birds with which Kawi usually converses had packed their bags for warmer skies. The tepid air was still and calm, and oddly Kawi followed suit.

At some point in his hammock wanderings, Kawi looked astonishingly at my unkempt pedicure, and attempted to remedy the situation. No, he wasn't hungry for toe jam. I offered him some birdseed, but he politely declined, fixating on my chipped nail polish for the better part of twenty minutes. While his efforts were fruitless, his care for my appearance was obvious, so I was encouraged to put a little more effort into my upkeep. I must admit that it took great restraint to avoid jerking my feet, because a tiny little bird nibbling on your toes really tickles!

How is C doing? Funny you should ask. He just called to check up on me! Great men do great things, and greater men do little things that matter a lot. Dr. Laura talks about how men, when treated right, will swim through shark infested waters to get you a lemonade. While I can't qualify the part about me treating him right, although I certainly try, C is definitely that man. Since I have been sick he has offered every day to get me my favorite egg drop soup and diet lemonade so I would have some comfort food. While he didn't swim through shark infested waters, he did drive through shark infested traffic during rush hour to bring this stuff to me - on his own! What a man!

Well, C has been busily working on school, spending many hours each week as a leader in our church group, and spending long hours at work. He also faithfully goes to the gym several times a week. He makes me laugh, and tells me I am cute when I make funny noises while programming. He comes home every day to Kawi screaming his name until he comes into the house, at which time Kawi sweetly says, "Hi Buddy! Whatcha doin'?" He then plays with Kawi until, exhausted, Kawi fluffs up on C's chest and growls at me any time I look like I just might sever him from his beloved C, until we finally put him back in his cage for the night.

Today, I am HOPEFULLY having the last of my sick days forEVER, and decided to take a mental break from programming to change the layout of the blog. What else do you do when you are home sick? Programming, of course! Don't worry, I have taken my computer science dialogue elsewhere to avoid turning off those less inclined to techy-talk. And what does Kawi do while I program? Well, after many attempts to rip off the keys on my keyboard, or admire his reflection in my high-gloss screen, he finally found his place in my computing world. Here he dutifully ensures that my keyboard is not fluff-deficient by preening himself atop my computer screen.

Final pic of the day - my beautiful heirloom tomatoes that didn't quite ripen before the frost. According to a friend of mine from the Czech Republic, these last for months in an apple box in a dark room, and then you put them in the light before you need to use them! Maybe some year I will attempt to keep my green tomatoes for months, but instead just fried a few, and gave the rest to said C.R. friend.

I'll leave you with this great little video:

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