Friday, October 30, 2009

Good News , Bad News

I feel like I am oddly on a surprise roller coaster lately. Bad surprises can be just as interesting as good ones, I have decided, but that doesn't change the fact that every surprise may have attached to it a very unique set of emotions. Yesterday I received a birthday surprise text from C! He is taking me to our favorite staycation spot for my birthday. Not only that, but he also scored premium accommodations without a premium price! Good News!

Today, while sitting across the table from our most talented and elite design guy, R.G., I learned that he has been fighting the battle with cancer. Prior to that news, he explained how he received his inspiration for the design of one of our products. As I looked at him, I noticed he was glowing, absolutely glowing with a radiance as he explained the spiritual nature behind the design. It took my breath away and I thought, how lucky we are to have someone who is willing to listen to what God tells him, that he can receive a piece of Godly intelligence, and if you saw the design, you would understand. Then the news, coupled with the realization that even the VERY best, and most talented of God's children face challenges, and not because of any fault of their own. Bad News.

I received my grades from school - my final exam was 93/100. Not too shabby for having questioned if I had even passed. I pulled an A- out of the class. Good News!

This morning I weighed myself. Sigh, I gained three pounds during my mad two-week rush to finish my class! The tough thing for me about putting on a few pounds is that it makes my tummy poke out just enough that inevitably somebody asks, or at least alludes to the fact that I might be pregnant. No fun. Well, I guess it's salads and celery from here on out. At least it will keep me out of the candy bowl for Halloween. Bad News.

Today I arrived home to find my dad waiting to say hello. He just stayed and chatted. It was so nice! I loaded him up with apples, walnuts, and some other items when he left, just like he has done with me for years! Anytime I visit, he gives me something. I was glad to send him off with something because that has been our mode of communication for years. It doesn't matter what it is, but giving and receiving is just another way to say I love you! He does say I love you often, however. Oh, and my mom even called yesterday to see how my test went! Good News!

After dad left, I strolled over to the mailbox with Kawi tucked down in my fuzzy brown coat to protect him against the cold. Two items peeked out at me from the cold, grey confines of the mailbox: C's dirtbike tabs, and . . . the long awaited special delivery! The envelope was thin. This didn't look too positive, and it wasn't. Ah, what a daze of what ifs! I sat there gazing at the letter as if the text would magically rearrange, and maybe the next time I read it, the results would be different. I finally released several heavy sighs from the cavern deep in my chest that had held them in every time I opened the mailbox. At last I knew. Bad News.

Hmmm. I guess I really should end on a positive note. I have a great job, a healthy body, a wonderful husband, a warm home, a house full of food, vehicles that run, a yard full of fruit-yielding trees, a little bird who ALWAYS wants to hang out with me (unless C is home), I have the great opportunity of attending school and working to get my CS Master's degree, and the day off tomorrow! Oh! I've got it! Here is a really great one: My boss gave me the day off for my birthday (or day of my choosing for my birthday)! Good News!

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  1. Hey Babe, I remember when I spent a large amount of time and money taking the LSAT when I was entertaining the idea of law school. Law school didn't happen for me, but the process of preparing yielded some great personal benefits....benefits that have stayed with me.

    You have also gained some really important assets from your recent pursuit. You may not notice, but you have. I think it will serve you your entire life! Nothing was done in vain. I’m really impressed with all you do.

    I really look forward to our little getaway!


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