Sunday, June 22, 2008

Introducing: Kawi

So I think we have decided on a name for our 2 month-old bird. We were looking at bird names online the other night and I mentioned that Harley was listed. C came in and said, "How about Kawi - you know, for Kawasaki?"

Friday night I ran to Ace to buy chains and hose to hang a hammock Dad gave me a couple of years ago. The chains rate over 500 lbs, but unfortunately the hammock rates at 350. I think we pushed the limit between the two of us plus that heavy Kawi, but got two lovely, relaxing evenings in our back tree under one of our 9 apple trees before some of the ropes pulled out of the binding. Our unsuccessful, late-night hunt for a replacement led us to believe that we were not the only ones enjoying the summertime back yard.

Kawi has made a hit with our neighbors' kids. Today Br & Be, and daughters Ka- and Ma- came over for lunch. Br was especially enamoured with Kawi - an obvious bird-lover. He has a big heart. Ka- became quite the bird-handler tonight also.

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