Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was both painful and blissful for me.
  I awoke to three cards from my little family, and beautiful flowers from my sweetheart.
 C left for meetings early in the morning, and returned to help me pack up the girls to visit my mom. We went to church with her, and since many people in her ward knows me, there was plenty of love sent our way. Some people I'd never met knew about "the twins," and came up for a closer look. My sister and brother were there, and once we returned home from church, another brother and family were waiting as well.

I fed the girls as soon as we returned home, and despite their sleepy state, they both were charmers the entire time. They smiled, cooed, giggled, and were a sheer delight with cousins, aunts, uncles, and their Nana. It was a very memorable and delightful day.

When we returned home I fed them again (every 3 hours, that is), and C brought me two warm oatmeal cookies with coconut almond milk. The final feeding and bedtime went smoothly because the girls were so tired from their exciting day. The painful part? While returning from changing Peanut's diaper in the car, my boot caught on the curb and a fall was imminent. I was holding Peanut with both arms in front of me, and so I just created a cage with my body to protect her from getting hurt. She came out of it unharmed, and I gently positioned her on the grass while I maintained my prostrated position on the sidewalk to catch my breath. My knees and shoulder took the brunt of the fall, so I limped around for the rest of the day, but said nothing of it except to C. Needless to say, I won't be jogging much this week.

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