Friday, February 8, 2013

Seven Hours

It is possible for a human being to cough for seven hours straight. I know from personal experience. Usually that also involves losing the contents of one's supper, but hey, I hit a record weight the next morning!

I think I have this whole weight thing down. I have only been able to exercise once this week, so I have cut out my snack and behold, I still lose weight! Hurrah! I lost 35 with Jillian's program before getting sick, so I am starting over again. I have another 15 lbs to go and I will be so very pleased to just maintain at that point. I will be swimsuit ready by summer if not earlier. I will say it again, it has been worth the journey, both gaining and losing. Nothing tastes as good as baggy clothes feel.

We sold our fitness center today. It was something that C wanted years ago and we bought it from a doctor who never used it. I have used it several times, but I have since learned that machines often don't provide the kind of resistance and muscle stability strengthening that can be had from free weights and plyometrics or metabolic training. I appreciate having the extra space to build a system that works better for me. We also sold the spin bike because I never wanted that either. Since C never uses our home equipment, this is my time to really build what I want since he had a great deal of say in what we purchased previously.

The past week has been a bit rough. We went to visit a family member two weeks ago and they failed to mention that one family member was very ill. We came home and due to weather didn't leave the house for a few days except to run some car errands. Within a few days Cricket sounded just like that sick family member! Grrr. Another day or two and Peanut had it, and then C and I. We have been to the hospital several times for suctioning to help them breathe and eat. Yesterday was very hard and today wasn't much better because of my all-night coughing and getting sick while trying to care for the little ones.

Well hello there, eyelids. You claim it is time to catch up on those lost hours of sleep over this past week. Okay, okay. Uncle.

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  1. Ugh. Family sickness is no fun. Here's hoping you get the perfect exercise area set up for yourself!


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