Friday, January 30, 2009

What Success Looks Like

Well, Jillian really knows what she is all about, I must admit. She and her crew of health-folk have put together a fine fitness guide. C has been following the diet, albeit with much more vigilance since he started to see the results. He weighed in at 227 today and is looking great. I have some more mathematical results, considering I started with measurements as recommended by J.M. With just two days left on the 30 day plan, I think I have swallowed enough water to fill a swimming pool, avoided enough salt to make one float in a swimming pool (I really love salt), and knocked off some critical inches and pounds. I have lost about an inch on my arms, 2.5 inches on my waist, three inches on my hips, 2.5 inches on my upper legs, and 1.5 inches on my ribs. After a plateau of weight loss (I had to re-read to see what was going wrong), the weight is coming off again, and I am almost down to 140. I have only done one set of circuits on the prescribed days, and minus the run-around at work, have done no other exercise, which totals to 45 minutes per day at about 4 days per week. Not too shabby. Now that I have it down, I think I am going to shoot for 135, which I believe was my marriage weight - maybe. I can't remember back that far. Either way, I am both pleased with the way I feel, and the way I look, and feel much more in-control in my life. It is a great feeling. I am so grateful for the healthy body God has blessed me with and for the amazing healthy food he has given us to eat! I am especially grateful for the strength he's given me to increase my health. Upward, and onward!

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