Monday, March 26, 2012

I Feel Like Writing Something


But seriously...

Hey Cricket, is that a Kitty on your shirt? 
C: Why, yes, it is!
P: And those stripes! So flattering. How DO you keep your figure so full?
 C: Well, I have been drinking plenty of milk. It's the new Crystal Light. Diet drinks are so taboo these days. Speaking of which, where ARE our drinks?

 C: Could we get some more milk over here?
 C: What do you MEAN you are cutting me off?
P: Here we go again...
 C: The audacity!
P: Uh, yeah, maybe we should just...
 C: Could I speak to a manager? Who's in charge here?
P: I think she is, the one with the milk, over there.

Finally, Peanut now wakes up with this look of shock and awe out of a cold sleep. Kind of cute:

Have a great day!

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