Monday, November 5, 2012

Holy Poopie Pants, Quadruplets?!

A family member had twins six months after we did. We knew that circumstances were not ideal for these twins, and as we struggled through the logistics of caring for two babies, we knew that it would be even harder for those babies and family members. Last night we received a request to take these girls at least temporarily (meaning a minimum of three months, and perhaps much longer) so that the children don't become the custody of the state in which they live.

We didn't commit to it, but instead asked many questions. We privately discussed the legal ramifications, financial impact, help requirements and other details. I am not sure at this point what we are doing to do. As I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel as nursing comes to an end with my own girls and they become more mobile, I think about going back to the four month mark. That was a tough time, learning how to be mobile with two babies and being so very tired!

Am I ready to change 40 diapers a day? Am I ready to bathe four babies twice a week? How would I feed them all? How do I meet their developmental needs? Would I ever be able to leave the house again? It is an overwhelming thought, and would certainly impact my recent plans for the future. We could potentially have four girls in the same grade at school (assuming that they are developmentally up to snuff). Would I fall in love with them and not want to give them back? Again, we have not yet committed, but will know more in the next day or two.

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  1. That's a big decision. I'll pray for you guys!


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