Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super Power

Women have a Super Power. Not all women have it in the same strength or intensity, but it is there. You know, Spidey can sling webs. He doesn't have to morph or anything, it is just there. Superman has the same situation, only he just changes into his costume much faster than Spidey because, well, Spidey just slings webs, see?

There are some super heroes that are called that just because they have developed a special skill, but let's be real here. That is just a SKILL; not the same as a power.

Now, there are some super powers that are hidden. Maybe someone appears to be normal, but they have the ability to go invisible. That one falls into the morphing powers category. I would consider Wolverine's ability to be sort of morphing because his claws come out when he is angry. He is, in some ways, sort of like the Hulk. That Hulk looks all normal, and then WHAM! Suddenly he is a big green dude. Suddenly he gets this superhuman strength and has a lot of difficulty reigning that it. It just sort of happens.

Now the super power that belongs to women is not too different from the Hulk. It is the ability to experience a wide range of emotions without being able to identify their source. It just sort of happens. Today, my superpower made itself manifest. C picked me up after work, and suddenly, the superpower kicked in, "I feel depressed. I don't know why."

C looked at me, and I continued. "You know, I feel all negative. Every thought is negative. Ick. I hate it!" And so I did what any reasonable super woman would have done in those circumstances. I opened my iPhone and started playing Kung Fu Fighting (Biggest Loser version), but that wasn't enough. It just wasn't loud enough, therefore, C switched the radio off and found the song on a CD, and then it was blaring over the car stereo system.

Now, when you find yourself in a situation like this, you have to start car-dancing. C is an expert car dancer. I am a mediocre car dancer. I think everyone on the freeway was staring at us, boogieing down the road. A mini-coop stopped to take a look at our dancing-with-the-stars-worthy performance, and I am pretty sure he giggled. I couldn't hear him, but I am pretty sure.

I also wanted to stop to get something naughty to eat. When you want to eat something naughty, you quickly have to think of something tasty that will act as a healthy substitute, so I announced out loud, "I need peanut butter Puffins." And suddenly, there we were, at the grocery store, and I was buying PB Puffins! And Cuties oranges. And a Dragon sushi roll. And whole grain artisan bread. And then this herbed Brie was on sale, so it had to come along with me, too!

We ate the Dragon roll with chopsticks on the way home, and do you know that I felt better by the time we walked through the door? Amazing, those super powers! C ran to the gym while I settled down with a bowl of PB Puffins and soy milk, and Kawi serenaded me while I worked on some programming. Later I attended Yoga, but SO was not there! Bummer! It was still a great class, and much needed. C was very encouraging and glad I went, and so was I. Tyran had a great class and almost 30 students of every age! It was great! To bed, now. My snuggle-buddy and car-dancing partner calls.

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