Sunday, February 14, 2010

Waist Not, Want Not

Today I suffered from Jillian's Revenge. If you don't know what Jillian's Revenge is, you apparently have never done a Jillian Michael's workout. Jillian's revenge is the inability to bend without experiencing pain two days after a workout. Eventually this subsides after consecutive Jillians, but I have just been doing wimpy stuff like running on the treadmill for an hour.

Saturday, I finished one of those, hair-dripping-sweat, too-tired-to-wipe-it-out-of-my-eyes-workouts. Yep, you guessed it: Jillian. Who cares about the bad PR for pills garbage. I don't believe in pills for weightloss, but hey, Jilly, you do a mean workout. If you want to feel productive in a workout, download a Jillian from iTunes, and feel the pain. Just be prepared to shuffle around like an old lady after the first one.

Speaking of fitness, bear with me as I take a little journey in female body image. While I am generally satisfied with my body image, and have no intention of alteration through any other means than exercise and diet, I have, through years of study, noticed that not all females are created equally. We truly are not built the same, and therefore cannot really compare our figures and physique to other females. It is literally the apples to oranges comparison.

Unfortunately, fashion is not always kind to all body types. I have struggled for years with this fact. The ideal measurements for models are 34-24-34. That last measurement (hips) has been my dilemma for years. If I was purchasing a skirt that depended on the size of my waist rather than my hips, I ALWAYS have purchased a much smaller size than my pant size. My waist and ribcage size are ideal, but my hips are wider than I prefer. I finally took the initiative to find out what this meant.

Apparently wide hips are not (necessarily) due to being overweight. They are due to a broad pelvic bone. This would account for my normal weight, despite. While I don't subscribe to every little philosophy out there, I did stumble across an interesting study done on the most attractive ratio between waist and hip. It is calculated thus: divide waist size by hip size. The resulting number is ideally attractive for females somewhere between .6-.7, depending on where in the world you live. The ideal male ratio is .9. As it turns out, I fall smack dab in the middle at .6585. Don't we all love the study that makes you feel just a little more streamline?!

On a little cheery note, for V-day, C gave me the BEST card EVER!!! Tomorrow I will add a pic and get back to the privacy questions.

But tell me, how was your Monday?

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