Friday, February 12, 2010

Where it All Began

Once Upon a Time, there was a strapping young man who lured a pretty young girl into a tower far away on an island. Up the winding staircase she ascended until she found herself alone with him in the tower, and embraced in his strong arms, she found herself captured by love's first kiss.

Four months later the pair married, surrounded by family and friends, and full of excitement for what the future would bring.

They found a tiny cottage in the woods, where together they made their first little home. She baked everything from fresh homemade raisin bagels to delicious veggie lasagnes.

(These pics show what it looks like ten years later - photo above: window on right = tiny bathroom; window on left = tiny kitchen; extended area = where the fridge dwelt. A single tiny sink in the kitchen for dishes, where C had to stoop lest he hit his head on the cupboard above. )

They owned a table he built with his own hands, and sat on wood boxes for chairs. The only piece of furniture in the tiny living room was a big orange chair. (see where the non-opening door is, and then the seam? That is where the bedroom ends and the teeny-tiny bathroom begins...)

He worked hard every night sanding, staining and refurbishing an old oak bed as a wedding present for her. They owned a few sparse dishes from their college days, but despite their meager belongings, they were happy together. And they lived happily ever after. But that is just the beginning... (window on the left = tiny bedroom; window and door on right = tiny living room)

Happy Valentines Day!!! (And here's wishing a happy one for all those who are still searching. True love doesn't come until the heart breaks and mends oh, so many times, but the heartache will soon be forgotten.) Read more on love.

Share your story below, even if you aren't on the happily ever after page in your book:

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  1. My story is probably too long for a comment, but how about, "One day a girl decided to quit being a dumbass and marry the guy who was just right for her. Smart girl."


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