Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Plunge...errrr...!

We left town for one of C's events yesterday. I worked from home starting at 4:00 AM with surprising vigor, and finished with a final conference call on our way out of town. C was driving quietly to avoid disturbing this phone call with an employee, when suddenly he burst out and called the vehicle next to us a name... not a profane name, but a name that would certainly sound out of place in the background of a work conversation. The person on the other end of the line grew silent. "Could you hold on for a minute?" I asked, giving C a smoldering look. I came back on the line, completed the last few minutes of my 30 minute phone call, and sat in silence for a while. "I want you to know that the next time you are on a call with one of YOUR employees, I will feel completely justified to shout out something, too."

"I'm sorry. That car almost ran me into a semi truck. Not that it's any excuse. I totally used my outside voice when I meant to use my inside voice." C said.

Let's just say that I will reconsider any future road-trip work conversations.

The rest of the trip was really quite pleasant, minus the fact that my tolerance for sitting for long stints in a car seem to have narrowed down to about a ten minute window. We were welcomed at our destination by near and dear friends and their delightful three children who undoubtedly feel that we are there to visit them as much as their parents. We settled into the basement guest bedroom, a great blessing for one extra-insulated lady with kicking twins, and enjoyed a restful sleep.

The next morning C woke to SPLISH...SPLASH...SPLISH...SPLASH... SPLISHSPLASHSPLISHSPLASHSPLISHSPLASHSPLISHSPLASH... "RRRRR!" One frustrated wife had encountered her worst nightmare of clogging a host's Loo.

Realizing he was awake, I walked into the bedroom with my hands in the air and said in a frustrated whisper, "This is the most ineffective plunger I have ever encountered!!!"

"What'd you do, drop a missile in there? I'd like to help, but..." We both laughed at this painful situation. I went back to my porcelain vigil. I'd like to say that it was over in five minutes... or even ten... maybe fifteen would be reasonable. I think that it was close to thirty minutes later that I could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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  1. AAAAhahahahahaha! (I'm sorry. Is it inappropriate that I laugh at your pain?) HAHAHAHAHAAHAAA! :-D


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