Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Problem with Social Media

I visited my old job this past week to drop off a "thank you" to someone who has helped my new company with an affiliate relationship. When I left the company a couple of months ago, I had several individuals approach me with interest in positions since they knew that I was being placed on the executive team as a director. Apparently some reached out to me through LinkedIn which I haven't touched since I left my old job (mainly because I forgot to change my e-mail account and don't receive any of the notifications). I ran into one such individual, who tearfully told me that said individual thought I didn't want to be friends because I didn't respond in the affirmative. SIGH.

Some feel that social media is a great way to manage relationships, but to be honest, nothing fosters relationships like personal interaction. There is so much more to communication than words, and so much more to gaining common understanding than leaving a note on someone's wall or blog. People are dynamic, complicated and wonderful, and software, no matter how great or user friendly, can never replace laughter with an LOL, can never give a hug when a friend's heart is breaking, can never replace a night out with friends, and can never offer fellowship like a brief visit from an old companion who knows you well.

Dear Google lovers, cover your ears:
I am also put out with Blogger/Google these days, claiming that I could permanently lose access to my account if I don't give them my phone number. What's next, my SSN? Seriously, your prying tentacles reach far enough as it is, Google, you marketing octopus. Plus nothing, except to gather more data that you can sell companies about me. "My Un-Touched" new Android phone dwells in a lonely closet because you require me to share every detail with you in order to use the dang thing. I won't dispute that Chrome is very usable and splendid, and yes, many of your products are super nifty, but seriously...

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