Friday, January 13, 2012

BOGO Baby!!!...???

 Someone, somewhere, came up with the idea that having twins is a BOGO (Buy One Get One) deal. In fact, your pregnancy is BOGO, raising the babies is BOGO, and if you have them first, you will be completely immune to the fact that you are trying to care for two babies simultaneously. I think it goes something like this, "You won't know any different!"
Alas, while I will be the last person to complain about the rich blessing of having these amazing, precious twins, I must put to rest these ludicrous ideas. Indeed, when you change one diaper, you don't magically forget that you have another baby to change, and when both babies are crying, you don't magically forget about the other one while trying to soothe the first. It is twice the work at the same time, and while motherhood is magical and wonderful, one plus one still equals two. Double the pleasure, double the fun!!! But just look at those perfect little lips on my Peanut! Awwww...

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  1. It makes me smile to see them cuddling together. :-)


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