Monday, January 9, 2012

My New Hobby

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Breastfeeding twins is not a simple endeavor. In fact, it is nigh unto a Herculean feat. It requires courage, pain endurance, ingenuity and genius. To be brief, breastfeeding is a wonderful, rewarding thing as a mother. Making enough milk for two hungry girls is another issue entirely. Raspberries, asparagus, and fenugreek seed (flavoring for fake maple syrup and curry) are great for boosting milk production, but sleep is one of the best things for making more milk. I feed, I pump, I try to find time to rest and eat and drink enough, but like any hobby, it takes practice, time and effort. Thank goodness for my twin nursing pillow by Brest Friend and Newmans Ointment to keep me from being in constant pain. I adore my Phillips Advent pump, combined with my hands-free pumping bra- must haves in my book! 

My favorite part about feeding is the little party Sophia has every time she gets ready to feed. It makes me laugh every time!


  1. Hooray, I'm finally caught up! Your girls are ADORABLE!!!! When you're ready to share, I'd like to know what their names are. I see the name Sophia in this post; I think that's beautiful. I'm also being nosy now, so feel free to ignore my question, but did you end up getting to deliver naturally like you said you wanted, or did you have to have a C-section?


  2. I can't even imagine the time and effort it takes to breast feed two. One was hard enough. You go! That is great that you are doing this. And I love that picture.


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