Friday, January 6, 2012

Motherhood is Delicious to Me

Where do I even begin? I look in these two tiny faces and I am smitten with the deepest feelings of protection, adoration, gratitude, and wonder. I believe that it could be hard, but to me this isn't hard. This exceeds my expectations. I may be exhausted, and lying in bed, but the moment I hear one of my girls crying, I want to jump right up and run to them. I want to see their little legs kick-kick-kick while their diaper is changed. I want to see their heads turn, looking for food. I want to see the tiny tear that forms in the corner of one eye if I took just a little too long to get to them this time. I am smitten.
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I drink in those searching, tiny eyes like the most precious morsels of food. I don't want to let a single crumb fall! I want to hear them breathe and feel their breath against my chest as I cuddle them after a feeding. I want to study those tiny ears, perfect noses, lips, fingers, and toes over and over again. Everything else is a burden, but not them. They are this precious reward that makes every lost hour of sleep vanish into thin air. I want to cling to each tiny moment so I don't lose a single one.

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  1. These words, those faces, make my heart sing and my hope return. Flood back in fact. Thanks for sharing them with me. I needed them today. Today was a difficult day.


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