Friday, May 24, 2013

Metabolism Boosting Kitchen

I'm sure that you have heard someone tell you about some conspiracy theory with the government, or some myth or superstition and you nod politely while thinking, is this person really so stupid or gullible that he/she believes this? Yup. I have been there too. For years I have heard these myths. Usually they are from people who don't live in the USA. I was raised in a family where one of my grandmothers tossed salt over her shoulder and walked backward around a pole to avoid a fight with the person walking beside her and similar superstitions so I was not one to fall for silly ideas. I wanted to see the science behind it, the fact.

As it turns out, some of those myths are actually true. You may see companies posting labels like, "BPA Free" and nowadays, "PVC Free." You may see "Eco-friendly" non-stick pans, and see glass water bottles.

We wonder about the days when ma and pa used to work on a farm and people never got crazy obese from eating eggs and bacon. They cooked on regular steel or cast iron, they drank out of glass jars or ceramic cups. They didn't eat and drink every day from some source of plastic. They wrapped things in paper. Today we eat off of plastic plates, store food in plastic wrap or containers, drink out of plastic water bottles, cook on metal covered with synthetic coatings. We wash our dishes in plastic machines, cool our food in plastic boxes, and drive around in plastic covered machines. What we fail to realize is that some of these synthetics are actually making it hard for our bodies to work properly.

Teflon coatings on automobile parts, irons, pots and pans will put off toxic gasses when heated to 500 degrees or if they are damaged through scratches and regular wear. Most plastic water bottles, old plastic fillings, plastic wrap, and even plastic dishes heated in a dishwasher will leech synthetic estrogens.

Those who like to share this info often like to use the panic mode. That doesn't help people learn the truth very well when those sharing the info are bell ringers. I finally slowly started transitioning my kitchen over to a non-toxic kitchen. It isn't easy to let go of plastic spoons, plastic mixing bowls, plastic measuring cups and spoons, and tupperware containers. It is not easy to think about giving up stick-free pots, pans, and baking dishes. I recycle, but mainly because it is convenient. I am not looking for any awards in saving the environment. Plastic water bottles are CONVENIENT and keep me hydrated! I finally broke down and started using glass covered in a silicone wrap. I fill it up and reuse it. It is easy to wash and refill, but I have to think about it, and strangely, I notice a difference!

I already had stainless steel pots, pans and skillets, but then Jillian Michael recommended cast iron. Really? The last cast iron pan I owned is now used to scoop salt onto the driveway when it is cold! It is filled with rust and I can't imagine eating anything off of it. Well, I bought a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. You can't wash them with soap, and I imagined I would spend hours scrubbing it. As it turns out, cast iron is just as good as non-stick! I cook the bottom of an omelet on the stove top, toss it under the broiled for a few minutes and flip a perfectly fluffy omelet onto a glass plate with not so much as a crumb left in the pan! Foods taste better. Meats have more flavor. If I do need to scrub a bit it doesn't happen very often and it comes off reasonably easily.

I purchased bamboo or wooden spoons, silicone (high quality without dangerous filler ingredients) spatulas and dish covers, metal or glass measuring utensils, and glass or steel mixing bowls. I purchased one eco friendly, teflon-free pan for my husband who likes to make breakfast for the girls sometimes, and even purchased plastic bags that don't leech into foods for those moments when a baggie is needed. I requested BPA-free fillings from the dentist to replace old toxic ones. I stopped eating foods made with chemicals as much as possible. Over time I have really noticed a difference and suddenly I am getting back to my high-school figure with very little effort on my part. Bear in mind that I exercise and eat right, but I also feel better when I avoid products sold in #1 plastics and other metabolism-hampering products. I know it isn't perfect, and many of the harmful, manmade  ingredients appear in everything from the electronic devices we use to our fingernail polish and shampoo, but it is a start and it feels good.

Bon jour!

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