Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So What Have I got to Say for Myself?

For every post that makes it live on this blog, I have at least five that are just sitting unfinished. Such is the life of a twin mama. Every thought left unfinished. Every room left untouched by my little lovie whirlwinds. Every shirt left rightfully wiped by a wee one. I pick her up to wipe her little nose after a tearful burst and before I can reach the tissue box... Well, that's what mamas are for, right? Wiping tears and drying bottoms and noses, however that may come about.

Somehow I am resisting the urge to correct that fraction sentence. I can do it. Yes I can. This past week has been so full and this week is even more full somehow. It's good to keep myself busy, I suppose. Last week I was sick and the week before that the girls and C were sick, so I was grateful that there was a delay. It is easier to take care of healthy children when you are sick than to take care of sick children, I suppose. Once the sun started to spring through the clouds it was up with the tent in the backyard and up with the hammock! Hurrah! The backyard is alive with activity once again. We were concerned about the beehive... did I mention my beehive? I put it in the backyard because I was worried about fallout from the neighbor spraying fruit trees for bugs. Bees are fragile, you know. They are very busy and I am enjoying this new hobby. So far there has been no problem with the bees and the girls. They don't even know about each other,  so that is helpful. My little dancing fairies just tottle from the hammock to the tent where they dive in and eat snacks, read books, sit in their tiny Adirondack chairs, and giggle and play. In addition to our backyard adventures we had a birthday party last week where my little ones played with balloons and toys and ate lovely snacks with their birthday girlfriend.

We had a campfire picnic, visits to the park, a visit to the zoo and a farm, and a hike. We have read many books, played together, built towers and knocked them over, and my little ones always enjoy running errands with me and have the most fun trying to pull things off of the shelves as we pass by in the grocery cart. Those glass jars are especially enticing, but so far we have avoided any catastrophes. Mother's Day was delightful. It is amazing how all of those empty, sad mother's days melt away like the morning dew and all I am left with is tiny fingers and toes and sweet little voices that call for mama and that means me!

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