Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Brand New Day

There is a song on The Wiz soundtrack titled, "A Brand New Day." I have loved it for years, partly because of the symbolism behind removing repressive bonds and partly because of the amazing visuals and dance associated with it from the movie. It is a movement from pain and sorrow to pure freedom and joy. We owned the soundtrack when I was a very young child and I remember dancing to it along with a huge variety of soul music, broadway musicals, classical music, rock, and a little country.

We all have little a-ha moments in life. Last night I was studying Operating Systems on my laptop while relaxing in the hammock. The evening couldn't have been more beautiful. The sun was just starting to set, and the clouds absorbed a palette of colors like soft sponges against a lilac canvas. The evening air was cool and still and fragrant. To top things off, my brain was completely grasping every word I read.

C appeared at the kitchen door and asked if I wanted to go for a short motorcycle ride, and I responded, "I am kind of in a groove with my school work." He encouraged me to keep going, and disappeared. I sat there for a moment, and then thought, I will never regret taking extra time to spend with my eternal buddie.

C was almost ready to leave when I ran in to tell him I'd be ready in just a moment. He excitedly called out that he would have my helmet and gloves ready, and I grabbed both of our leather jackets and threw on some matching tennis shoes. The evening was beautiful and couldn't be more perfect for a romantic evening ride.

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