Thursday, July 23, 2009

Revisiting Springfield

Today a friend expressed an interest in locating a small, compact handgun. I never really had an affinity for revolvers when shopping for something similar for myself years ago, which seemed to be the primary focus of "female" weapons, but I couldn't wait to try out this little 9mm Springfield sub-compact semi-auto handgun even before it was released on the market. I included an i-Pod in the photo to help give an idea of the small size. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to try out this firearm before purchasing it. While competitive shooting is compromised slightly by the short barrel, the standard magazine holds ten rounds and the compact size makes it ideal for female hands. It includes a light rail, and as additional safety features, a double compression trigger, and a beaver paddle on the back. C used it to compete in a couple of the local IDPA-style shoots, but won his state trial with a full barrel. For those not concerned about the caliber or competitive accuracy of a weapon, the tiny Beretta Bobcat is a fun little .22 caliber handgun with a pop-up barrel that is rather easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning purposes.

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