Saturday, July 11, 2009

Look at the SIZE of that FISH!!!

Last night C asked if I would be willing to go down to the lake and kayak next to him while he got in a pre-race, open-water swim. I was a little hesitant when I woke up this morning because of the overcast sky, but we loaded up and headed down to the lake. The water was incredibly choppy, and the boats and wave runners did not improve the situation. Kayaking is a great experience when you aren't struggling to stay in the line of sight of someone who you are also trying not to run into, and directional control was not on my side while fighting the choppy water and wakes.

C swam along, unaware of the dead bird he almost cuddled up to, floating on its back with one leg in the air. Nor was he aware of the enormous carp that would frequently appear in the distance like floating logs, and swim away when we came VERY close. We had been on the water for some time when he was about to swim into a particularly large fish that DIDN'T disappear. In an attempt to keep him from running into it, I positioned the Kayak in front of him, when I got a good look at just how big the fish was. "Look at the SIZE of that FISH!" I shouted.

Up to that point, C had been unable to hear me at all with his earplugs in, but somehow, he stopped just long enough to hear my exclamation, and in an instant, he dove on top of the kayak to get out of the water. "You can't say things like that to someone with a deep water phobia! And I'M the one in the water!" I was laughing so hard that it was hard to get the words out that he was sinking the kayak. I told him he'd already passed at least twelve of them, and explained that it was just an enormous gold fish, with no teeth. I had a particularly good shot at the wide gaping mouth. He didn't seem to find much comfort in the large number of slimy companions.

A tiny bit more relaxed, but very motivated to get OUT of the water, C climbed down from the kayak and, without much hesitation, suggested we head back right away. We both laughed about it all the way home, and believe it or not, he asked if I'd go back to the lake with him again next week! How's that for conquering fear!

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