Thursday, March 11, 2010

I SHOULD Feel So...

The house is clean. Let me try that again: The House is Clean!
Dusted, vacuumed, laundried, swept, scrubbed, tidied. The taxes are done. My conference presentation is ALMOST done. I fit in a workout. The fridge is full. I just ate a whole can of green beans with Provincial Herbs. I had my hair done last Saturday. Kawi was a perfect angel for me today and didn't bite me once. I had lunch with my good friend yesterday. I had a great date with C last night. I should feel so accomplished, so refreshed, but somehow, there is still so much to do, and so little time.
My boss kindly offered to let me work permanently out of the nigh office. This means for me, approximately eight more hours per week in which to study or just enjoy life in general. I have a great view. I took my camera to work with me and caught this little rainbow-piece. I know they say that rainbows just happen in your own mind and eye, but then, how do cameras get them?

It is so bright in the mornings when I come in, that I wear sunglasses for the first little while. I know, I could shut the blinds, but why would I want to do that with a view like this?
On snowy days, there's no need for sunglasses:
On the particular recent snowy day (shown above) we had so much snow that the boughs on our pine trees touched the ground.

And when I tried to pull out of the driveway, the branches were so low that I barely fit beneath them.

Everything was covered with fresh white snow, and everything looked new and different.

C is at the Capitol tonight.

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