Wednesday, March 24, 2010


On Monday, C noticed my C++ Algorithms book open on the table. He read a paragraph out loud while I walked into another room. "What is your favorite book out of the Old Testament?" He called out from the kitchen.

I replied that I liked Ezekiel quite a bit, but of course I really loved Isaiah. "Come here, I want to show you something." He replied. He then proceeded to read a sentence out of my Algorithm book, and then a verse out of Isaiah, and then a sentence out of my Algorithm book, and another verse out of Isaiah. He paused and looked at me. With one hand he waved over both books, "It means the same to me... and this is what you like."

I am afraid that my blogging has taken a backseat to my schoolwork. It's times like these when I am grateful that I don't belong to Facebook, yet another distraction, and yet, a virtual mailbox to find friends from the past! If I wasn't trying to dodge divorced boyfriends from the past, I guess it wouldn't be such a big deal.

Last night we kept Kawi up late since I have the day off today. You know it is a little too late when he willingly goes right up to his perch without begging, without anger beads, without showing off his wings so you will take him out again. Pooped. Tired. It sounds strange to say you are letting your bird sleep in, I know, but he is. They get sick and stressed easily without 10-12 hours, and let me tell you, the last thing you want is a runny bird on your shoulder. EWE!

I started a new book. I have so many yet to finish, but that is how I write. I am not a highly structured writer. I write because I love to write, and I love what I write and I have no expectations that everyone else will love what I write.

A few years ago, my brother decided to become a writer. He studied all of these books and decided he would become a best selling author. I have written since I was age nine, and wrote adventure books, poems, songs, whatever. My brother, on the other hand, was not a writer. He spent hours drawing ships on scraps of paper, and then folded them, and used a pencil to determine if it was a hit - sort of a paper version of Battleship. It was times like those I wondered if he had a full deck. Of course he does, and he turned out great, but it was just one of those childish musings, "Does he really find that engaging?"

I was the kid fishing for salamanders and frogs in the cistern, or discovering the hidden trap doors beneath the pantry leading to a black widow infested root cellar, or taking apart an old radio so I could play with the mercury (true story), or hiding treasure maps in the ceiling panels, or burying treasures in discretely marked graves, or scraping on the side of the wooden bunk bed late at night, and then tossing a pair of socks down on my sister to make her think it was a mouse (because she got so worked up!), or catching field mice, snakes, lizards, or squirrels and bringing them into the house to play with, or sitting on the deacon's chest at night dreaming up stories in the bright summer moonlight, or looking into the green saucer-like eyes of my cat through the windowpane at night, and wondering what made her eyes do that, or running down the dirt road in my broken heeled boots, thrilled that I sounded like a horse. Whew! Talk about a run-on sentence!

I rarely did the same thing twice as a kid, and I rarely sat in front of the TV set. I was never bored. I created chemical concoctions, found a hundred different art projects to do by myself without any outside motivation or assistance, and wrote and drew pictures of roses and horses and unicorns just because I wanted to. I stood in awe at the things my siblings would do - not out of cruelty or spite, but out of curiosity. Will my brother really let me crack three eggs on his head if I tell him he may crack one on mine? I was so impressed with the outcome. I did nothing out of maliciousness, but everything out of a quest for more knowledge and understanding. Do you think less of me now?

Well, I really have taken too much time. Algorithms are calling my name. Have a splendid day, and please feel free to tell me, what did you love to do as a child, and do you see a connection between what you love to do today? I promise I will finish the privacy questions soon. I just keep getting sidetracked, and maybe I will share a little bit of writing with you later!


  1. it all makes sense! - hubby

  2. You have been so busy! As a kid, I loved to read. Boring I know, but I STILL love to read.


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