Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I think I have...

Unusually LONG toes. I even had someone tell me so. I could write with my toes. I think I actually have written with my toes, only that was a long time ago. C bought me finger toe socks for Christmas, and while I can't wear them with my Vibrams, they sure keep my toes warm.

On the way home from work I stopped at the store for some whole wheat lasagna noodles, and there in a discount cart was a Heather plant. I know! Doesn't that just make you think, Bonsai tree??? Okay, maybe not, but this is how my mind works. Heather is a woody plant, and it has some lovely lines, even if it is a vertical-looking plant. $3.49 for a Bonsai tree!!!

I arrived home, tossed together a lasagna (I never cook the noodles - just throw it together and cook it for an hour and it saves so much pain and agony!) and while it cooked, I took my prize Heather plant out on the porch. It was a lovely day, so I sat with a pair of scissors and an artist's eye and scrutinized this little tree into a work of art. I am training some of the branches to change directions, so it isn't finished yet, but this is pure pleasure for me. I love plants, and training this lovely little ordinary creation into something extraordinary? Well, it's not unlike teaching Kawi a new song.

Today I read more of the Yiddish document. I am almost finished with the third page now, even though I really should be working on other things. It is my treat. I work on "exciting" things like conference presentations or marketing or such, and then I escape into the mind of a German Jew and try to decipher his phonetics while unraveling his story.

I must give a happy little shout-out for Nat The Fat Rat, who after some courageous bouts with Clomid, has successfully conceived a Holbs-Lovin'-Fat-Rat! Congrats Nat! I knew you could do it! What a fabulous announcement for St. Patrick's Day! Oh, and in case you didn't get your fair share of wonderful bliss on the day of greenness, please check out Cake Wreck's St. Patrick's Day entry, Patty Cakes, plus the lovely Shamrock, er Clover entry for a good Irish chuckle.

Okay, but really, I AM Irish! - well, I am sort of German-Jewish-Catholic-Irish-Scandinavianish-Scottish-English-Mormonish. And how's that for an identity crisis?

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