Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No workout, and no homework, but...

Last night I made dinner, did the laundry, and finished the taxes. Usually this takes me days. Let me just say how grateful I am for contributions and for itemization. I still hate tax software because I feel like it is using training wheels since I like to run the numbers three or four different ways and choose the most efficient method, but this year, I was just grateful to pound it out in one evening and to get anything back rather than owe. It is this big sigh of relief. I won't tell you how much we owed at one point (before certain deductions) because I don't want anyone dying of a heart attack. You THINK you know how bad, but no, really, this was bad.

I also ran the numbers for school and it looks like we will be able to make C's final tuition payment plus add another 18 credits for me this month, and when I start the Masters program in January, it will still be financially manageable AND I will have my entire pre-requisite coursework paid for. Woo-hoo! Well, off to work! Thanks, C, for managing the finances this year. I am pretty sure you will have an ulcer after paying simultaneously for both of our schooling this year, but just remember, the end is nigh at hand!

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