Thursday, December 2, 2010


I think this conference may be stifling my creativity. We are now just a couple of months away and while everything is coming together, it is at huge cost, including quantities of stress, time, and money. I have been fighting to take back my life from work, and had finally achieved it, but then the conference took over. As hard as I try, it is difficult to truly leave work at work right now, given the severely limited deadlines.

Thursday is the day when my workweek finally spots land in sight. I feel a sense of relief. Friday is the day to wrap things up, tie the boat to the dock, and get ready to refuel for the following week. Thursday is the day that gives me that last boost of adrenaline to keep rowing the last leg to shore. Thursday is the day when I feel motivated to finish as much as possible so that Monday will somehow feel lighter.

Today is Thursday, and today I will get so much done. I like my hair, I like my whole house, I like my pajamas, I can do anything good, I can do anything good...


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