Sunday, January 23, 2011

Travel for the Birds

We recently made a swift journey to visit C's grandma. Due to our limited time to prepare, we opted to take the birds with us. Kawi has gone on several small road trips with us, but we weren't quite sure how Penny would handle the trip. She was an absolute, cuddly delight. She took it easy and even enjoyed a self-inflicted massage.
Kawi endeavored to look at himself the entire time, and even serenaded himself for a few minutes...

...before disintegrating into a grumpy, stressful mess, only remedied by tucking him inside of a jacket so that he could take a much needed nap. Did you know that birds get grumpy when they don't get their naps? Many a bloody cuticle will attest...

The hotel was kind enough to waive the pet fee for our little buddies, who were not so fond of their travel cage accommodations. Kawi had no problem going right to sleep the moment his cage was covered, but Penny cried so pitifully at night that we finally uncovered her cage so that she could see us. I pulled her out of her cage early the next morning when she started to cry again and let her settle in on my chest. Penny decided that the tiny space between C's back and the pillow (while sleeping on his side) was perfectly suitable, but my vision of a Penny pancake made me think otherwise.

Penny's presence did come in handy, however, cheering C's grandma by fluffing her hair and giving her some friendly cuddles.

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