Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's in Store for 2011

I stand on the precipice of 2011, staring across its vale to behold the object of my heart's desire. I embark on a journey of great import and even greater promises. I am steeled to its challenges with a will of iron, and thirst after its rewards like a blistered-lipped desert nomad.
The fiercest fire begins with the tiniest spark, and the longest journey begins with a single step. Some things are just worth the journey. Like trying to get a decent video of Penny. Let me tell you... if there was a critter who could ruin a perfectly good video by freezing up the moment she catches sight of a lens, it's her. Case in point:

Today we took a short drive and she was so excited that she was jabbering more than normal, so here's a little snippet of what we occasionally get to hear out of Penny:

Kawi is ever infatuated with C, to the point of watching C's every move:

It has created some problems because Penny has decided that C is pretty fun, too:

Like running a marathon, I have tried to enjoy the journey to the end of this conference, but that is one adventure that I will be happy to see end. The completion of the conference means some new beginnings for me, as well as some new challenges. Words can't express my elation for some of them. We have a full year ahead.

This year I will be teaching the New Testament. Sadly, it isn't quite as thrilling as the OT, but then, I am a little quirky like that. Today in the introductory lesson I did find my NT groove. I think it went rather well, and C mentioned that he didn't notice any deficiency in my enthusiastic teaching style that would communicate anything different from last year.

The Art of Simplicity
I was ridiculously happy to spend the days leading up to 2011 doing very little. Over the holidays we have watched many a movie (including Narnia, Tron, Tangled, and both versions of True Grit)  and enjoyed many a delightful meal. New Years Eve we ate at Red Lobster where I enjoyed a lovely lobster tail, grilled scallops and shrimp, and delectable coconut shrimp. Bueno. We cancelled some other plans we had to simplify the evening and arrived just before the rush with a gift card in tow.

We visited with some friends later that evening and stocked up on a few treats to welcome in the New Year. Sometimes less is more, and lately, that has been more true than not.

The Art of Order
I woke up on New Years day with an evil plan brewing in my head. For the past year our spin cycle (Christmas acquisition 2009) has stood in the hallway next to my office. There simply isn't enough room for it in the workout room (if I want space to do Jillian workouts, that is). While C slept, I started moving furniture, and once I got access to some real muscle, the spin cycle moved in where our dresser once stood.

 As for the dresser, it is now cozily housed in my perfectly tidy closet. Photobucket

C also had a closet makeover this weekend (nope, he did that all by himself).

Well, here's to a thrilling new year! The house is clean (EVEN the office!), and it's a good thing because it will not get a good cleaning for at least five more weeks. I have a gut feeling that 2011 is going to be a banner year!

Today C and I watched this.

As a former mission companion used to say (every day until it was carved upon the grey matter tables of my mind): 


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  1. GO you! kicking some serious goals there. the art of simplicity indeed.


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