Thursday, March 3, 2011


One day C told me we needed to learn Chinese. Of course, being ravenously hungry to consume a new language, I whole-heartedly agreed. I started texting him Chinese-word-of-the-day, like shi (yes), bushi (no), sheh sheh (thank you) and ching (please). Today was war chiao (my name is). See, now you know some Chinese, too!

I think I would be quite comfortable in an Asian culture. Certainly it would be devoid of some of the current pleasures I enjoy, the least of which would include a lice- and flea-free household. Of course, that depends on where you live, but even in good old California, I had the pleasure of learning (fortunately not first-hand) that keeping one's hair tightly bound on one's head is not as much about fashion as it is about keeping it pest-free.

I think I am coming back to myself after the conference, with the next one looming like one enormous lobster claw, waiting to snatch me up the moment I let down my guard. I even got excited about cooking again tonight. I bought some Sai Fun recently, and cooked it tonight with chicken, fish sauce, lime, shallots, and few other items to make a glass noodle salad. I also whipped up a sweet red curry sauce complete with bamboo shoots, red bell peppers, sweet onions, peas, and shrimp. I think next time I will have to turn up the heat a bit, since C let me know that he could handle it hotter. I almost got around to making a Pad Thai dish, but ran out of time since C had to get to a scouting meeting by 7:00 PM. I have the bean sprouts for that one, so I'll have to whip that up in the next few days.

Here it is Thursday, and the weekend is just around the corner! I am going to enjoy a lovely appointment with my treadmill while taking in a nice distracting TV show.


  1. Are you guys planning on moving to China, or is it just for the craic? I spent 3 weeks in Taiwan a couple of years ago. It is an amazing place. I relied on hello, yes, no, please and a whole lotta pointing!! :)

  2. Well, no plans yet. Lucky! Taiwan is like Disneyland for shoppers! I hope you went with an empty suitcase and came home with a full one! :)


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