Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today Happy translated into:
* finishing the book Multipliers
* a voice mail from my niece
* a day alone at the office
* taking a break from conference recap work to translate some Yiddish that I started last year (pre-conference)
* the Post Office locating the gift card that fell out of my brother's birthday card
* lunch with C at a Mediterranean Cafe
* finding Rosewater for sale at said Cafe!
* having C ask me when I was going to drink my bottle of Rosewater
* assuring C that I am not insane enough to spend that much on a bottle of drinking water
* a long run outside after work wherein I get the delightful experience of reconnecting with myself
* leftover Pad Thai and steamed broccoli
* feeling as if I had a personal breakthrough while teetering on the edge of taking a leap into something new
* noticing how the snow melted and refroze like delicate white ornaments on fragile branches
* the thought of making more Kale Chips!

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