Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unknown Identity

C and I are big fans of the Bourne series of movies and books. Isn't it beautiful when you don't notice that the segment of sidewalk where that motorcyclist landed is really rubber? Bravo, I say. I enjoy action flicks more than chick flicks, I confess. I am abnormal that way, I guess.

Today we watched the movie Unknown. As a general rule, if Liam Neeson is in a movie, I know it will be good. The A-Team, was, well, the A-Team, and you just know what you are going to get there. Still, we left joking that the next Unknown movie will be called Unknown Supremacy, followed by Unknown Ultimatum. I did enjoy the twisty mental ride just the same, and as one who speaks German, I always enjoy movies where Germans are depicted as real people and not angry, shouting Nazis.

My poor, poor neglected food blog. I still cook, but I haven't taken time to take many photos lately. I did FINALLY get to make some kale chips today. "It smells sort of good, and sort of bad." C stated while they baked.

"Yes, like a cross between stinky broccoli and potato chips." I agreed.

They were reasonably tasty and deliciously crispy. C, my hesitant guinea pig even asked for more. I tossed some fig balsamic, olive oil, garlic and herbs with stemmed kale leaves, and baked at 350* for about ten minutes. The taste quality diminished rapidly when they cooked much longer. You know you want to try it, but don't forget the parchment paper...

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