Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Silly Bus...Silly, Silly Bus...

T- minus seven to kickoff. A day full of Silly Bus. From sunrise to sunset, with no lunch in sight, I rode the Silly Bus. And finally, after days and weeks and months of Silly Bus, today it went to print!

I spent my drive home bartering with the Deaf Interpreter services to get our costs below $4000.00, yet another item I failed to consider in my project costs for the conference. This event has been an excellent way to hone my negotiation skills.

Yesterday I listened to Christian rock amidst the Juh-juh-juh-juh of an enormous waffle maker that toasted me for an hour. The radiology chef made sure I was plenty comfortable by giving me super-sized scrubs, reminding me of dad's big, cozy, T-shirts for little-girl nightwear. Absurdly optimistic that the resulting news will somehow equate to the full use of my shoulder, I can't ignore the truth that rotator cuffs aren't famous for rapid recovery.

I reserved hotel rooms for some of my conference committee next week. I don't want them to get too worn down. I need them as fresh and well rested as possible. One of them slept at her desk in a sleeping bag during her last conference. As for me and my house, sanity = me, having a standing fitness conference with myself each evening. Selah.

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